Training Classes


Body Survival

A total body conditioning workout, the body survival class is designed to increase strength, stamina, improve body composition and overall fitness levels using a combination of resistance training and high intensity cardio intervals. This 60 minute class comprises of a warm-up including foam rolling and mobility work, followed by 3 rounds of circuits and finished off with a brief cool down and stretching.

All levels of individuals are catered for as exercises can be easily regressed to a more suitable level for those who are new or whose fitness levels may not be quite what they used to be. Body Survival is a challenging yet highly rewarding class, whose benefits can be seen within a couple of weeks of consistent training.

A great class for those looking to drop body fat and improve their fitness levels.

Level – General

Strength and Conditioning

This class is comprised of progressive training programs designed specifically to get you stronger, leaner and fitter. All programs incorporate strength and skill progressions, and every 4-6 weeks, provided you’v been training consistently, your program will be advanced to ensure a continuing progressive overload. All programs can and will be modified to meet the needs of the individual.

Every session you do is tracked and recorded, ensuring constant progression from week to week. Every exercise on your program is taught to you and a coach is monitoring every training session, guaranteeing you peace of mind that your technique is always on point and you are getting the most out of every training session.

Level – General