Nutrition Coaching

At TFN, we believe that in order to achieve a life changing transformation, you will need more than just a meal plan. While meal plans may be a short-term solution and can achieve fantastic results in a short space of time, they are only one piece to a big puzzle.

In order to maintain results, you will need autonomy over your food. That means you need to learn how to eat, for you, in a sustainable manner. This will only be achieved by instilling good habits and by having a relatively good understanding of nutrition as a whole.

Enter TFN

A systematic approach tailored to you, so that we can achieve rapid results from the offset and ensure you finish with the knowledge to not only maintain them, but to surpass them.

A preliminary assessment will bring clarity on what it is you want, and what will be required to achieve that goal.

An initial plan is formed, goals are set, weekly check-ins will ensure you remain focused and in-house monthly assessments will safeguard your goals are being achieved.

Nutritional education (energy intake, meal composition, nutrient intake, peri workout nutrition, digestive health) and lifestyle coaching (stress management, sleep hygiene, recovery protocols, habit formation) will ensure you finish your coaching with the tools needed to maintain your results.

A complimentary consultation is available so we can decide if a nutrition plan is the right approach for you at this time and more importantly, that we are a good fit for each other. Please fill in the form and I will get back to you with available times for your consultation.

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