Body Survival

Body Survival

What Is It

Survival is our version of circuit training. This multi component workout is designed to get you fit, fast.

We have some of the best equipment available, including Concept 2 Rowers, Ski ERG’s and Bike ERG’s, not to mention the infamous Assault Bikes. Along side this we have a variety of wall balls, slam balls, kettlebells and dumbbells which are all incorporated into our multi workout sessions.

This workout targets a multitude of components, including aerobic and an-aerobic fitness, muscular endurance, and core strength.

How Does It Work

We keep to a simple warmup involving some machine-based work along with kettlebell exercises. Once complete we move to the main component of the session. This will generally be 3×12 or 4×9 minute workouts, with a 2-3 min rest period in between.

We will run through the workout before the warmup commences, and the session is laid out, so everybody has their own equipment for each workout.

We run 3 different sessions a week:
Mon+Tues – Workout 1
Wed+Thur – Workout 2
Fri+Sat – Workout 3 (partner workout)

Who Is It For

This session is suited to all levels. While the workouts themselves are the same for everybody, we set varying targets so everybody can work to their own fitness level. We also have regressions for anybody who is just starting out in their fitness journey, and we can modify exercises to accommodate people who may be working around a small injury.

This workout will challenge even the most advanced trainees but is designed so anybody can take part.